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Concierge Medicine

Disease Prevention

Claret Med is a fee-based health program that provides high-touch, comprehensive, accessible primary care by Dr. Clifford Sewell.  He knows his patients and has the time to coordinate their health care.  Dr. Sewell monitors your health conditions so you can get ahead of the disease curve. Prevention is key. 

Maintaining Wellness

When you join our concierge Claret Med program, you will benefit from a customized health program founded on your close relationship with your doctor. In addition to more one-on-one time with Dr. Sewell,  you will also you have the support of our care team, flexible scheduling, and access to your provider by phone and in person. Maintaining your wellness is our focus.


Dr. Sewell works with you to identify the nature of your medical issue.  The process of determining a diagnosis is part art, part science, and part experience.  He is often called in when there are multiple factors at play to get to the root cause.  

Customized Health Plans

As part of our practice, you will enjoy first-class care to fit your health, work, and lifestyle needs.  Dr. Sewell takes time with each patient to develop a customized health plan. You will benefit from a health plan founded from the close relationship with your doctor. 

Patient Advocacy

You may trust in the network of referral specialists, and non-stop advocacy to get your referral appointments expedited. You will earn faith in the skill and experience of your doctor, and his commitment to leverage access for you to the best specialists and hospitals near home and across the U.S..

Dedicated Doctor

Traditional values, modern medicine and exceptional primary care are integral to Dr. Sewell’s personalized practice.  He provides the highest level of concierge primary care.  His personal mission is to care for your health and provide you with dedicated service. 

Advanced Patient Care

Claret Med is uniquely qualified to diagnose and develop customized treatment plans tailored for a wide array of issues spanning adult medicine. Dr. Sewell is passionate about patient care and partners with other doctors to give his patients the attention, care, and time needed.

Time with your Doctor

Dr. Sewell fosters strong patient relationships through ongoing, unrestricted communication. He takes the time necessary to listen, understand and fully address the individual needs of each patient.

Seamless Coordination

Dr. Sewell provides high-touch, comprehensive, accessible primary care.  He knows his patients, and has the time to coordinate their health care.  His team is effective at communicating to other health care providers. There is a sense of urgency given when we coordinate on our patient's behalf. 

Coordinating Healthcare

Whether you need treatment for a common cold or you’re looking for a doctor who can help prevent chronic diseases, Dr. Sewell can help. He has over 20 years of experience treating both acute and chronic conditions.  He has professional relationships with John Muir Med Ctr, San Ramon Regional Hospital, UCSF Hospital, Stanford,  and numerous other physicians. His team and staff are non-stop advocates for your health.  

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